40 pound washers
8 total washers
60 pound washers
8 total washers
20 pound Washers
10 total
30 pound Washers
10 total 
Our Stack 45 pound dryers:
Less wrinkles and 50 percent larger than a regular laundromat. Will take up to queen size comforter 
Our 75 pound Dryers:
Can take a king size comforter, curtains, drapes, horse blanket.


Tuesdays        All Dryers are half off*

Wednesdays   One dollar off all washers

Thursdays       Wash, Dry, Fold 0.80 cents per pound all day

Saturdays       All Dryers are half off*

Sundays         All Dryers are half off*(half off  to start all dryers)


Our Biggest Machines
80 pound Washer
4 total washers
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